Team Teacher in Lithuania

Team Teacher in Lithuania
Team Teachers study visit to Klaipeda and Palanga late Feb. 2013

Team Teachers study visit to Klaipeda and Palanga late Feb. 2013

Our Lithuanian partner offered us a very inspiring and well planned week. The contribution from all partners in Klaipeda and Palanga was amazing. The local schools had all prepared special shows for us. We enjoyed many dances and songs and other performances from the children, and had the opportunity to participate in some of them, playing instruments and doing folk dances. Wherever we went, we were treated by artistic and tasty canapés.

Lithuania is having an “Ethnic-year” this year and many of the activities gave us insight in Lithuanian history and culture. It went along with visits to German- and Russian schools;  special schools like this have arisen in Klaipeda, since you no longer need to hide your ethnicity. The cultural part of the visit was very interesting as well; the old city in Klaipeda offers many sights and interesting stories to be told in connection with them. The harbor and castle are magnificent places to visit as well.

In between, everybody in team teacher worked hard to get everything ready for summer school and virtual course, and we had a good time together. There are still some details to be worked on, but all the students are enrolled and accommodation reserved. Tasks defined and divided between countries.

We parted Klaipeda overwhelmed with deep impressions and respect to the fact that Lithuania is very committed to international relations and to the hospitality we met everywhere. 


Lithuania’s First Hospice to Be Built from Danish Model

Following a study visit by Lithuanian teachers organised by UCSJ in 2013, Lithuania is now planning the country’s very first hospice – to be modelled on the hospice established on the small island of Lolland.

Danish inspiration set Lithuanian enthusiast on fire

In April 2013, a delegation of teachers from e.g. Lithuania visited Denmark as an element in the EU-financed project COHAB, established for the purpose of enhancing the education and labour-market mobility within the Baltic Region. One destination was the Svanevig Hospice in Bandholm on Lolland. Here, the Lithuanian team leader Natalja Istomina, deputy head of the development faculty at the Klaipeda University, was inspired to take the hospice concept back home to Lithuania and work for the establishment of the first Lithuanian hospice in the port city of Klaipeda – Lithuania’s third-largest city.


“I was very inspired by Svanevig Hospice. The environment and the fantastic work of the entire staff made a strong impression, encouraging the initiative to introduce changes in the Klaipeda city municipal system,” says Natalja Istomina.

After several debates, public as internal in the Klaipeda city council, where Natalja Istomina also has a seat, she succeeded in extending the city’s strategic development plan with the establishment of a hospice in Klaipeda, to be realised no later than 2020. Thus, the very first Lithuanian hospice will become a reality.

University College Zealand lead partner in DKK 11m EU project

COHAB is an EU-funded project established for the purpose of enhancing student mobility and, consequently, labour-market mobility within the Baltic Region, with particular focus on student teachers and nurses. In addition to University College Zealand, the project comprises another six partners: Rostock University and Virtus University in Germany, Linnaeus University in Sweden, Danish VUC Storstrøm, The Medical University Gdansk in Poland and Klaipeda University in Lithuania. In the summer of 2013, five student teachers and six student nurses from University College Zealand participated in an intensive two-week summer-school course at Klaipeda University together with students from the other participating institutions. Subsequently, these students participated in a shared one-semester virtual course. The students also made study visits to the other participants.

Prior to the summer-school course – in April 2013, Natalja Istomina and other involved staff members from the participating institutions visited UCSJ where they for instance visited a Danish hospital, a home-care institution and, as mentioned, the Svanevig Hospice in Bandholm.

“I think it’s great that, besides being of benefit to the participating students, the COHAB project can actually produce a direct added bonus demonstrating that a Danish model may set the trend within the region,” says Marin Skude Rasmussen, University College Zealand Project Coordinator for the COHAB project.



·         Project Coordinator Martin Skude Rasmussen, msr(@), 7248 1087

·         International Team Leader as regards the nursing part of the project Hélène Kelly, hke(@), 7248 1019



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