Durability of the Project Results

All partners will have equal ownership to project outputs and results. Teaching material will be provided with ISBN numbers to ensure availability and ownership by all partners. All analyses will be available on a website to be kept open for at least five years after the project completion as well as on a communication portal. Course plans/common courses will be available on the portal. As educations are updated and renewed in accordance with new research, changes will be made available to all partners and students on the portal and the website. The relevant university staff will be in charge of the course information to be updated. Bilateral agreements will ensure that outputs and results are used when the project is completed and staff and student mobility continues. Local international offices will ensure that strategies for mobility are incorporated in local strategies and maintained accordingly. The investments in classrooms with virtual communication facilities will ensure that the virtual common/parallel courses can run after the completion of the project in order to carry on teaching in common programmes and/or courses. The portal is complementary to EURES regarding information on educational and labour market systems in the selected professional areas. The aim is to build long-term mutual trust as the base for the region to further connect and create opportunities for far-reaching research and educational activities.


Part-financed by the European Union

(European Regional Development Fund)