E-book: Guide to Parallel Teaching and Learning

Please find the E-book: Guide to Parallel Teaching and Learning here

Visionary Seminar 2012

The Visionary Seminar was carried out 27 September at the University of Rostock, Rostock, Germany. The Visionary Seminar was organised by Virtus and the University of Rostock.

The Prof. Dr. Stefan Göbel, University of Rostock and Morten Pristed (Head of the Cohab Steering Committee), University College addressed a few words of welcome to the audience, and Prof. Dr. Göbel also made presentation of the history of University of Rostock.

The first guest speaker was Mr. Simon Roy, the European Commission, who spoke about "Higher education: questions of mobility". To download his presentation, please press here

The second guest speaker was Dr. Søren Kristensen, PhD, Techneonline, who spoke about "Learning by Leaving – learning for employment through work placements abroad".  To download his presentation, please press here.

A panel discussion on the various topics of the day concluded the seminar. The panel comprised: Mr Schlüntz from the Ministry of Education in Meckelburg-Vorpommern and Dr. Wagner from Hospital Süd in Rostock as well as the guest speakers Mr. Simon Roy and Dr. Søren Kristensen. 


Study Visit Team Nurse

Team Nurse with the vice mayor at Wejherowo Town Hall
Team Nurse at Malbork Castle

Team nurse staff study visits

The team of nurse education teachers went on staff study visits to:

Gdansk, Poland

 Members of the COHAB project team nurse took part in a study visit to Gdansk from the 5th-9th of November, 2012. During the study visit the lecturers worked on the plans for the project’s summer school in Lithuania next summer and the development of a joint course. The course which is due to take place in autumn of 2013 consists of 2 modules. Module 1 will focus upon the nursing care of chronically ill patients, while module 2 addresses the nursing needs of marginalized citizens. The study week in Gdansk included visits to hospital wards and caring facilities. The impressive modern facilities at CMI hospital in Gdansk as well as a newly established local health center in Wejherowo provided team members with inspiration for the planning of modern client centered health care facilities. The vice mayor of Wejherowo gave the team a guided tour of the town hall and talked about the importance of international healthcare cooperation in a European and a South Baltic perspective.

Working together and successful cooperation is not just based upon professional perspectives but also upon an understanding and respect for our cultures and history; therefore there was also time for a visit to Malbork castle. Malbork castle was the seat of power and influence of the Teutonic knights and though partially destroyed during World War 2 it is now being reconstructed to its former grandeur.

Nykøbing F, Denmark - see the programme here

Klaipeda Lithuania - see the programme here

Study Visit Team Teacher

Team teacher staff study visits


The first study visit in the project took place in Denmark from 16-20 April. Lecturers, who are also team members, from the partners in Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden visited their colleagues in Denmark.

The first two days were dedicated to acquire competences in the equipment for the virtual courses. At the same time, the equipment was tested cross borders with great succes.

The third day was dedicated to introduce common and different Danish cultural heritage from the Middle Ages through the Cold War to modern culture introduced by the South Baltic project Creat Learn. The fourth and fifth day, the two teams (nurse and teacher) separated to visit amongst others a local hospital and a local school respectively


In the period of 5th-9th November 2012 Team Teacher visited Kalmar and Vaxjö in Sweden. During the study visit we went to see a number of educational institutions, such as a primary school and a vocational high school, and gained valuable insight into the Swedish educational system, which lead to lively discussions of the differences & similarities between educational traditions in the various COHAB countries.

Moreover, we had the chance to explore Swedish cultural heritage as we visited two glass factories, which exhibit vibrant, innovative and provocative glassware.

During the study visit, the lecturers also took part in a dialogue seminar based on a teaching method which will be used during the COHAB summer school in Lithuania in August 2013. The method involves students reading a literary text and reflecting on it by relating it to their future occupation. Having tested the method, we agree that it offers interesting perspectives and we look forward to sharing this experience with our students in August.

Germany - see programme here

Lithuania - see programme here 

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