Team Nurse

Team Nurse comprises staff members from the nursing educations involved in the project:

Hélène Kelly, University College Sealand, Denmark

Anni Krogh, University College Sealand, Denmark

Indre Brasaite, University of Klaipeda, Lithuania

Vilma Aleksandroviene, University of Klaipeda, Lithuania

Grazina Sneipiene, University of Klaipeda, Lithuania

Anna Roszmann, Medical University of Gdansk

Marcelina Skrzypek, Medical University of Gdansk

Team Teacher

Team Teacher comprises staff members from the teaching educations involved in the project: 

Anne Rasmussen, University College Sealand, Denmark

John Andersson, University College Sealand, Denmark

Anne Kristine Petersen, University College Sealand, Denmark

Reda Vismantiene, University of Klaipeda, Lithuania

Rasa Braslauskiene, University of Klaipeda, Lithuania

Elena Brazauskiene, University of Klaipeda, Lithuania

Andreas Diettrich, Rostock University, Germany

Britta Will, Rostock University, Germany

Constanze Warko, Rostock University, Germany

Franziska Strieber, Rostock University, Germany

Bjørn Nelson, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Malin Strand, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Viktoria Johannesson, Linneaus University, Sweden

Annette Gunnarsson, Linneaus University, Sweden

Educational Support Team

The Educational Support Team comprises staff from VUC Storstrøm and Virtus. Their task in the project is to support the staff in Team Nursing and Team Teaching with the parallel teaching and e-learning. They will provide technical as well as educational support. 

VUC, Storstrøm, Denmark:

Sidsel Nielsen

Niels Skjølstrup

Karin Levinsen

Virtus, Germany:

Regina Schäfer




Part-financed by the European Union

(European Regional Development Fund)